Want to run Dual MAF sensors with Hz output signals, rescale a MAF sensor without tuning software, or use a newer style MAF sensor. You can do it with our Mx2 module.


TRP TPS Programmer for aftermarket throttle bodies using NXP KMA220 magnetic sensors. For example, you can change the outputs to LS2 or LS1 style if they were originally programmed for LS3. No need to stock multiple versions.  Program as needed. 
Or program from scratch a replaced sensor chip.

Typical appearance of these sensor chips.


Thousands Sold!

Want to install a LS2, LS3, LS7, L76, L99 90mm or a L92, Trailblazer SS, GMT900 87mm 6 pin throttle body on a GM or GM Holden electronic throttle control(ETC) vehicle originally equipped with a 78mm 8 pin throttle body?  And see full throttle range?

TRP's X-link interface modules make it possible!

D2A Sensor signal modifier and converter.
Our D2A module allows swapping between analog and digital(J2716) throttle bodies or re-scaling the output ranges of a throttle body.

Will convert a digital signal for use with an engine control module or other device that requires analog (0-5V) TPS inputs.

Or use it to do the opposite....convert analog TPS signals to digital(version 2).

Or rescale and/or invert the outputs of an analog TPS throttle body.

Or run dual electronic throttle bodies on a vehicle originally equipped with a single drive by wire throttle body? You can do it with our x2 Twin Throttle Controller.

Can be used with the External link opens in new tab or windowEdelbrock LS3 Cross-Ram or External link opens in new tab or windowHolley Sniper intakes or any other custom dual throttle intakes on vehicles that utilize 0-5V analog or digital J2716  TPS sensor signals. GM, Ford and Mopar throttle connectors available.

Will also control LT5  or Hellcat supercharger bypass valve on blower swaps.