Want to run Dual MAF sensors with Hz output signals, rescale a MAF sensor without tuning software, or use a newer style MAF sensor. You can do it with our Mx2 module.

Thousands Sold!

Want to install a LS2, LS3, LS7, L76, L99 90mm or a L92, Trailblazer SS, GMT900 87mm 6 pin throttle body on a GM or GM Holden electronic throttle control(ETC) vehicle originally equipped with a 78mm 8 pin throttle body?  And see full throttle range?

TRP's X-link interface modules make it possible!


Our D2A module allows the use a newer style GM drive by wire digital TPS signal (SENT) throttle body with an engine control module

or other device that requires analog (0-5V)

                                       TPS inputs.

Or use it to do the opposite....convert analog TPS signals to digital.

Or scale and/or invert the outputs of an analog TPS throttle body.

Or run dual electronic throttle bodies on a vehicle originally equipped with a single drive by wire throttle body? You can do it with our x2 Twin Throttle Controller.

Can be used with the Edelbrock LS3 Cross-Ram intake or any other custom dual throttle intakes on vehicles that utilize a 0-5V TPS sensor. GM, Ford and Mopar throttle connectors available.