The D2A software and installation guide can be downloaded here.

The original D2A was designed to just decode GM J216 SENT digital throttle position signals and convert them to the equivalent analog signals. Since then, we have added multi functionality as described below. The D2A enables a wide variety of GM electronic throttle, transmission and other swaps where the throttle sensor signals need to be corrected in order to match the ranges and signal type expected by the controller. This includes aftermarket and other OE manufacturer's throttle bodies that would otherwise not be compatible with the vehicle's throttle control system.

Digital to Analog GM- Use a newer LT style GM drive by wire digital TPS signal (SENT) 5 wire  throttle body with an engine control module designed to control an analog (0-5V) TPS output drive by wire throttle body. For example, use a GM LT1, LT4 or LT5 throttle body on a GM LS or other make of engine. Or provide dual 0-5V TPS signals to a standalone transmission controller that requires analog inputs. Our D2A module decodes the digital signal and outputs the 2 equivalent 0-5V analog signals.

Digital to Analog Ford-Similar to GM digital but for Ford digital 5 wire throttle bodies.

Analog to Digital- Use an analog output throttle body with a GM engine control module designed for a digital TPS input. e.g GM LS3, or an aftermarket analog throttle body to
GM LT1, LT4 or LT5 ECU.

Analog to Analog- Scale and/or invert the TPS signals of an analog throttle body to emulate a different type of analog throttle body. Or use a throttle body with a magnetic sensor on a system that was not originally designed for one. Such as 2003-2007 GM full size trucks or Australian Holden LS1 cars.

V2 models have a built in 5V regulator and other additional circuitry that is required for systems that cannot provide adequate power via the original equipment 5V circuits. For example, 2003-2007 GM trucks and Holden LS1 cars.

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**Save hours of wiring time by also ordering the quick connect harness below if your project involves a 2003-2007 GM full size truck-engine and PCM.

D2A Documentation

Quick install kit for 2003-2007(Classic) GM full size trucks.

The D2A software and installation guide can be downloaded here.

Outputs can be scaled to match those of any 0-5V TPS signal.